Choline Chloride 60% powder

Choline Chloride 60% corn cob is a feed supplement for the production of premixes and combined feed in order to enrich and balance livestock and poultry rations. 

The feed supplement contains at least 60% of Choline chloride obtained synthetically, mixed in a liquid form with a vegetable carrier and dried,. It contains 40% corn cob as a filling agent. Choline chloride 60% feed additive is a source of choline. Choline is an important compound in building and maintaining cell structures, including fat metabolism. Choline is a substance through which acetylcholine, the main mediator of nerve stimulation in muscle fibre, is formed in an animal's body. It also serves as a source of methyl groups. 
Choline chloride stimulates the growth of livestock and poultry, supports the functioning of the immune system, increases the quality and quantity of eggs and meat mass. Choline chloride is indispensable in building and maintaining the stability of cell structure, and is necessary for normal maturation of cartilaginous bone structures, including prevention of perosis in broilers. 
Recommended introduction rates of Choline chloride 60% for some groups of livestock and poultry:

Sows 200
Piglets 150
Fattening pigs 300
Laying hens industrial 250
Laying hens, breeder hens 500
Broiler chickens 500


Product name Choline chloride 60%
Brief characteristics Loose yellow-brown powder with slight characteristic ammonia odour, water absorbing, water and ethanol soluble.
Main indexes Choline chloride content at least – 60 % 
Carrier content up to – 40 %

Choline chloride 60 % is stable and compatible with the components of combined feed, PVMA and premixes. Introduction rates of choline chloride 60 % must not exceed 20 % when producing highly concentrated vitamin and mineral admixtures, because it is not compatible with oxidants.