Soy meal is produced from the seeds of the very nutritious soy bean in the course of oil production. When processing the oil is obtained only from "oily" soy seeds, while the edible flakes which remain in the waste are processed into soy meal, which besides proteins and amino acids contains a lot of different minerals: Ca, P, Fe, Mn, Zn etc.

Positive effect of soy meal:

  • Increased daily gain during fattening 
  • Increased yield, improved quality of milk. 
  • Improved absorption of nutrients contained in the feed. 
  • Improved overall condition of animals. 

It is recommended to introduce up to 35% of soy meal in the main ration of all kinds of livestock, poultry and fish. Soy protein is biologically close to animal protein; therefore, it is easily digestible. Soy meal contains significant amounts of protein and energy, which often results in high-protein and high-energy rations without using other costly feed.


Crude protein 46
Fat, % 2.5
Humidity, % max. 12
Lysine, g/kg 28.4
Methionine + cystine g/kg 14.2
Threonine, g/kg 20.0
Urease, Ph % 0.01 — 0.1
Energy value, Kcal/kg 2630.0